Chain Store Data

Obtain up-to-date business intelligence so that you can understand your competitor's pricing strategy and be in a better position to exceed your customer’s expectations.

With our Chain Store Data (CSData), you’ll receive the intel you need to compete against the big box stores. Data includes all the major chains: Office Max, Office Depot, Quill, Staples and WB Mason. Benchmark pricing means no more guessing what your competition is charging! Chain store house-brand items are matched to Universal and/or Sparco items for easy cross-referencing.  Prices are updated constantly by our team of content experts.

Top Benefits

Compete on Price

Keep track of the big box stores.

Easily Sell Alternatives

We match chain store house-brand items to Universal and/or Sparco items.

Additional Benefits

  1. Staff can match or beat prices when necessary to appeal to cost-conscious buyers
  2. Cross-references allow your salespeople to quickly find substitutes
  3. Simplifies the research process of order entry to ease the burden on your sales team
  4. Prices are kept constantly up-to-date