TRA-SER for ICT-Low Voltage Distributors

Distributors in the Information & Communications Technology (ICT-Low Voltage) industry use our specialized parts pricing to increase sales.  Containing thousands of telecommunications and audio/video parts, you can easily find alternatives when you’re out of stock on an item so you don’t lose the sale.

Close sales faster while increasing the volume. With expanded product descriptions, even an ICT-Low Voltage distributor’s most inexperienced employee can quickly locate the correct pricing needed to supply their customers. Our supply price lists are easily navigable so in-stock or not, staff can make sales while they have a customer on the phone. Other uses include product research, customized price lists, and submittal info.

Top Benefits

Sell More Non-Stock

With our drill-down searches, staff can easily find alternatives to serve customers’ needs while increasing sales volume.

Detailed Product Data

TRA-SER includes prices, yes but also long descriptions, pictures, and manufacturer catalog pages.

Additional Benefits

  1. Access over 300,000 items from hundreds of manufacturers with current pricing you don’t have to update
  2. Make it easy for staff to fill orders whether the product is in-stock or not
  3. Multiple search methods and filters get you to the item you need quickly
  4. More data than you get from the manufacturer: Long descriptions with attributed content and high-quality product images
  5. Pricing, product data and catalog pages are constantly updated
  6. Create frequently-used item lists for even faster access
  7. Make note of trends using our price history section