Supplier Xchange for Distributors

Supplier Xchange™ is a digital pricing and procurement hub that connects distributors with their contractor customers where they work––using automation to remove friction from common supply chain activities such as price requests and purchase orders submissions. 

The Supplier Xchange platform dramatically speeds the price request process by providing real-time pre- and post-bid quoting to contractors and streamlines purchase order transactions by integrating directly into a Distributor’s ERP, helping you––and your customers––harness the power of connected construction and win more business.

Top Benefits

Respond to RFQ’s in Seconds

Once you’ve approved a contractor and set up their price file, any requests they send will be responded to electronically in just seconds. 

It’s Free for Subscribers

If you subscribe to either TRA-SER or eDataFlex, participation in Supplier Xchange is free.

Spot Trends

See what contractors are requesting most using our admin tools and reports.

It’s Easy

From just a list of UPCs to complete pricing including alternates in a matter of seconds.

Additional Benefits

  1. Respond electronically to RFQ’s with contractor-specific pricing in seconds
  2. Participation in Supplier Xchange is free to TRA-SER and eDataFlex subscribers
  3. You have ultimate authority to decide which contractors are allowed access to your pricing
  4. Customers can ask for alternates, so even if you’re out of stock on one item, a replacement can be provided automatically
  5. Fuel your business strategy by keeping track of what customers are asking for most often
  6. Can connect directly into your ERP system, making periodic updates to your pricing files unnecessary
  7. Detailed emails are automatically sent to you each time a customer request is processed so you can follow up personally if you desire

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