Get closer to your end users than ever before advertising in TRA-SER, the #1 online pricing source for the MEP industry.

Advertising within TRA-SER offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for manufacturers trying to boost their visibility and sales.  When making decisions about which products to specify in bids, our 20,000+ customer base of contractors, estimators, project managers and procurement professionals use TRA-SER.  When you advertise here, you will be top of their mind which results in more searches for your products and eventually more items specified in bids.

Another unique factor of TRA-SER is Supplier Xchange which our customers use to get instant price quotes from their suppliers.  On average, over $1.5 billion dollars’ worth of materials are quoted through Supplier Xchange each month.  Get your piece of that market share by advertising.

If you find that your traditional form of online advertising is not providing real results, consider us.  We can give you the normal metrics like number of ad clicks, or impressions which mean little, but we also can tell you how many of our users searched for your items, how many requested price quotes on them, and how much those materials were worth to you.  We can actually show that your advertising works by comparing these metrics before and after advertising began.  Read our media kit for more detailed information.

You Won’t Get This From Traditional Advertising

  1. Which company clicked your ad, searched and/or requested price quotes on your products, how much those materials were worth
  2. Which of the Top 50 Contractors (as compiled by EC&M) were interested in your items
  3. When applicable, which of your distributors responded to requests for price quotes
  4. Visibility every day:  TRA-SER logs an average of 2,700 visitors per day
  5. Decisions being made now: our customers use us for bidding and are making specification decisions
  6. Multiple commodities to advertise in by specialty for more precise targeting (10 for electrical, 16 for plumbing)


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