Modern Cost Book

PHC wholesalers: quote with confidence using the Modern Cost Book™.

You can also offer substitute items, and reduce costly errors when negotiating purchases of non-stocked items. This plumbing price book helps provides quick access to accurate price and product information - don’t waste time searching through outdated manufacturer catalogs. You want to increase sales by providing product substitutes for items you don't carry, but you also don't want to invest in costlier inventory management software. The plumbing price book is a reliable, convenient, and economical way to access pricing information.

  • Improve efficiencies by eliminating manual catalog searches and decreasing follow-up calls and faxes for RFQs and quotes
  • More than 200,000 individual items from 400 manufacturers
  • Manufacturer's list, suggested discount, and cost pricing columns
  • Sorted commodities from rough to finish goods
  • Catalog number, UPC codes, short descriptions, part numbers, packaging, freight information, factory warranties, and units of measure
  • Indexed by manufacturer and product
  • Manufacturers' addresses (street, web, email), phone and fax number
  • Service bulletin per issue indicates current changes