Electrical Distributors Price Directory

The only directory that contains distributor cost pricing.

Compiled specifically for electrical distributors, the Electrical Distributors Price Directory™ is a cost-effective, industry standard publication that includes cost pricing directories, a cross-reference manual, and a manufacturer directory. Customers at your sales counter need accurate information fast and you don't have time to search through manufacturer catalogs that are probably outdated. Our book is a reliable, convenient, and economical way to access information that is key to conducting business efficiently.

  • Save time with the only directory that contains distributor cost pricing
  • More than 500,000 individual items from 420 manufacturers
  • Manufacturer's list, suggested resale, and cost pricing
  • Sorted alphanumerically by vendor and catalog number
  • Includes UPC codes, short descriptions, packaging, and units of measure
  • Includes "Lead Sheets" with manuafacturers' terms, shipping and manufacturers' representatives