Lutron: Introducing Vive Vue Software

Vive Vue, IoT-enabled management software allows facility teams to control and configure the lights and monitor, analyze, and report on the activity and performance of the lighting system in a building.

  • provides graphical reporting on space utilization and occupancy patterns
  • allows you to make better decisions about layouts, room type mix, and more

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Wireless Lighting Control Speeds Design, Simplifies Installation

As building owners and occupants recognize that lighting control improves the comfort and quality of any space, and codes require more advanced lighting control systems in retrofits and new construction, specifiers are increasingly called on to include lighting control in their project proposals.

Whether you are an engineer, architect, or design/build contractor, choosing the right wireless lighting control solution offers several advantages right from the start – easier to design using flexible spec typicals, faster to install and set up than wired systems, and more cost effective in terms of time and material costs. Wireless also offers greater opportunity for centralized monitoring and control, resulting in lower costs and improved energy savings.

Starting with flexible system design.

Compared to wired options, wireless solutions are typically less restrictive and easier to manage – for small projects, to spaces that will scale over time, to large projects with multiple space types, a variety of lighting performance requirements, and a well-defined budget. It’s important to choose a reliable, time-tested provider, and a system that can easily accommodate all these project requirements when and where you need it to.

What makes wireless easier and more cost-effective? 

  • Wireless controls and sensors are simpler to install, and easier to relocate and reprogram once they are installed.
  • You won’t be locked into control locations or poor performance when onsite conditions change, or don’t perfectly match project drawings.
  • Lower installation and implementation costs translates to lower bids from your installers and better value for your customers.

The right wireless solution is designed to easily scale from a single room to an entire building whenever time and budget allow, with no expensive rewiring, and minimal disruption to the space.

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