The 1 LED You Must Have

From Light Efficiency Design

One light – unlimited possibilities.  Our new Linear Transformer (LBI) can be used as both a retrofit kit and a complete fixture.  Used as a kit, the LBI is designed to fit between the existing sockets, eliminating future failures.  UL1598C allows for the fixture with the new LEDs to be UL listed.  Retrofit existing troffers, vapor tight, wraps, utility strips, high bays and more with the LBI for up to 25 years of maintenance free operation.  Quick and easy installation means saving even more money.

Used as a complete fixture, the LBI is about as sleek and smart as you can get.  Perfect for stairwells, low bay, high bay and ambient lighting.  Up to 146 lumens per watt means any space will be bright and beautiful with maintenance free LED for decades to come.

Each LBI comes built-in with a choice of 4 different wattages and 3 different color temperatures.  Control ready, optional battery back up and motion sensing with the ability to connect 40 bars in succession off of just one power feed make this product stand alone.  We also give you added piece of mind with a 10 year warranty.  Find out more at