Delta Breez: Fast-mount Delta Fan 

The Delta Breez ELT80-110 bathroom ventilation fan is super easy to install, long-lasting and virtually silent. With Delta-exclusive mounting brackets, this model can be installed quickly from the room-side, without crawling into the attic. Its small footprint means no more cutting up the drywall. A choice of high speed 80 or 110 CFM, all in one model, means one less fan to bring on service calls. This is the perfect fan for retrofit and remodel projects. Powered by a brushless DC motor, the ELT80-110 runs so quietly at 0.7 sones that homeowners don’t even know it’s on. Your homeowner’s wallet will be grateful because the ELT80-110 has been rated ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2019. Put an end to customer callbacks – choose Breez and see the Delta difference today!